X201 ThinkEngine Replacement
I got this x201 motherboard in a bin of spare x200/x201 parts and it had a drilled thinkengine, so what could I possibly have done?
Well transplant a new one in, the closest board I have to the x201 is a dead t420, and what do you know it uses the same part number for the think engine, looks good right?
Not so fast, upon replacing it I found out it is flashed with different firmware and the board appears completely dead! 
Just to be sure I also tried to bypass the first two mosfets but no dice.
So where am I stuck? Well I need to find a cheap way to flash a thinkengine, if you know of a way please get in touch with me. (davidescion@gmail.com)
Thank you for reading and hopefully we can get this sorted someday.
P.S.: Pictures coming soon